You’re dressed up as children, as little girls. You’re wearing diapers. You’re sucking feeders. You’re performing the typical mannerisms of children and toddlers. All of this is being done in a sexual setting with adult men. If you see nothing wrong with this and if you think there is no premeditation to these performances and dynamics or that these kinks develop in vacuums, you are fucked in the head. Call it kink shaming or whatever the fuck you want, you are fucked in the head. “But what if there’s consent?” People consent to a plethora of deranged dynamics; does that make the dynamics automatically okay? “If it’s done in the privacy of their room, why does it bother you?” It’s enactment in a private setting does not stop it from perpetuating itself in more public and social settings; sexualization of children being the first and foremost result of it. “Stop kink shaming!” What is with this liberal obsession to remove shame from genuinely damaging acts. If anything, you all need to be shamed into nonexistence.


I’ll see myself out.


Storm for everythingthatiswrongwithamerica!

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…you always did impress me.



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make me choose :: Shogo Makishima or Itachi Uchiha asked by shoukaze


Domestic Mikaani !

This was heavily inspired by Antierotic’s Play With Me.


i need all the kyousayas


elektra (2014) #001; “i am not a dancer, or an artist, or a hero. i am no longer a daughter or a lover. victim or student or slave. i am, and will always be, someone’s assassin.”


beach date!! (*´ ˘ `*)