And nothing tastes as good as justice.


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this exists and is, er, extraordinary, so i decided to also post my deep and profound re-imaginings of the greek pantheon in the modern age

  • apollo turning women into lampposts when they reject his unwanted sexual advances, trees are so 5th century bc
  • poseidon chilling in the bermuda triangle surrounded by downed planes
  • aphrodite scrolling through ace blogs to find out who to curse with a horrible violent death next
  • ares carving the nuclear codes into mt rushmore using some machinery he stole while beating up hephaestus
  • hermes convinces some dude to leak artemis’ nude snapchats and artemis rips the dude apart and murders his entire family and reduces his apartment building to rubble forever
  • hera creatively cursing every girl who follows zeus on instagram. oh your username’s stylinson4eva? now you’ve got immortality without eternal youth and the only words that will ever come out of your increasingly wrinkled and pain-filled mouth are “fuck management”
  • zeus presumably is still just a shapeshifting serial rapist, i dunno man
  • dionysus forcing a gram of coke on you in the club toilets and then making you eat raw all the roadkill you create as you drunk-drive home
  • gods that aren’t bizarrely defanged and completely misinterpreted as, like, not being total assholes


really quick doodle of my favorite trash


You know, something nobody ever wants to talk about is how many lives Anders saved.

He provided free healthcare to everyone who came to him, including the poorest of the poor, the ones who would’ve died because they couldn’t afford to go anywhere else. I have no doubt he provided free gynecological care, including no questions asked abortions, to any woman who showed up at his door and we see firsthand that he provided treatment for sexually transmitted infections for anyone.

That, my friends, is magic serving man. That is a mage working for the common good, for those at the bottom of society as well as those at the top. It was Anders, an apostate and abomination, not the Chantry, not the templars, not the nobility, not the Circle mages locked up in the Gallows, who took care of the refugees, the poorest, the most despised, the ones with nowhere else to turn.


real friends show me their boobs.

something like that, yeah.


Req no. 6: Homunculi from FullMetal Alchemist

Doing the full lineup is a bit much for me so I chose to draw Lust.


DA:O characters amusing themselves on night watch shifts #3: Zevran and Leliana tossing cards into a helmet.


family portrait